Roof Moss Removal

We can remove Moss from your Roof and Treat the surface to Stop the Return

There are different reasons to consider removing moss from your roof.

Is moss blocking your gutters, falling on patios / cars or is it causing damage by lifting tiles and letting water in?

If you have water leaks due to moss growth, there’s a strong possibility your insurance may not pay out for damage, this is because they could conclude that your roof has not been correctly maintained.

Whatever the reason we can help!

We use scrapers that fit the profile of your tile to remove the majority of contaminates from your Roof

We then Softwash apply a Biocide treatment to kill Moss spores, Algae, Mould, Lichen & Fungi

Your Roof will return to its original colour over the following months as the surface naturally rejuvenates

Our treatment leaves a Residual Biocide on your roof that will offer protection from regrowth for up to 4 years*

The Chemicals we use are fully approved by The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) for use in the UK and are fully compliant with “REACH” (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of CHemicals) regulations for cleaning exterior hard surfaces.

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* We cannot offer any Guarantee due to environmental factors, results will vary.

We recommend ongoing repeat treatments as part of your regular property schedule that are tailored to your local environment.