Gutter Advice

A good property maintenance schedule will include a yearly gutter clean, this will ensure gutters are free flowing and downpipes clear of any blockages.

If the property has a moss growth issue or overhanging trees, it may require extra cleans.

Gutter brush or hedgehog systems are not recommended, these systems cause build-up of sludge under the brush which can only be cleared by removing the brushes, this can be time consuming and costly when the gutter could be vacuumed out if the brushes were not installed. In general, the cost of removing brushes to clean gutters will likely cost more than the saving over 3/4 years of not having gutters vacuumed, plus there is the cost of the brushes and installation in the first place.

Any professional contractor will use a gutter vacuum system, this is to avoid working at height from ladders and ensures gutters in hard to reach areas such as above conservatories or tiled extensions can be reached and cleared safely from the ground.

Insurance companies will not cover contractors working from ladders unless they have followed Health and Safety Law and have litigation measures in place as described in their risk assessments.

There is no way to work from ladders to meet H&S requirements for gutter cleaning without using a fall arrest system, with drilled fixings to the property wall and a harnessing system on the ladder

A contractor offering to clear gutters with ladders is a warning sign to customers as a professional will use the correct equipment for the job.

Small repairs can be achieved from ladders if correct safety equipment is used but repairs in difficult to reach areas such as above conservatories, tiled extensions or generally 2nd floor upwards will require scaffolding or mobile elevated platform access.

Once cleared, its good practice to hold onto the quote and invoice provided for the work that has been done – this will aid you in the event of an insurance claim for water damage having the evidence to prove your gutters were maintained. 

Expect to pay £80 upwards for a vacuum clear of gutters on a small end terrace property, then more for flow testing, repairs and legal waste removal / disposal.

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